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Sahara Desert

Abu Malik

Official Website of the International Author, highlighting his Award-Winning Book Series

My Year in...


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My Year in Benghazi

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My Year in Lilongwe

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My Year in Harare


What Readers Are Saying

Abu Malik captured the essence of what I remember about the city I grew up in. I so enjoyed reading about modern life in Lilongwe. I haven't been in Malawi for several years now, but I was excited to find out how people are living. A beautifully written book.

Sandra, USA

Not much has been written about the lives of people in Benghazi. Life in Libya is not about war or ancient ruins but about the living, breathing residents today. I loved reading your book and look forward to more books in the series.

Mohammed, Norway

A well-written book. Zimbabwe is a well-known tourist destination but who is writing about the actual people who live here? Thank you Abu Malik for bringing the stories of the people to life.

Adam, Harare

In The Press


Abu Malik loves visiting exciting and exotic locations. He has stood in the glows of the Sahara sun and floated on the salty shores of the Dead Sea. He has spent his days feeding giraffes in Nairobi and visiting ancient sites in India. 

Desert Sand

For his next journey, Abu Malik plans to write about the most Holy of cities. Watch this space for more info. 

News and Events
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