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My Year in Harare

My Year in Harare is an autobiographical journey through the exceptional southern African country known for its colourful local characters, dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife. Journeying outside of the parks, reserves and safari areas, Abu Malik meets the local people and finds out what life is like on the banks of the Zambezi River, and where Victoria Falls makes a thundering 108m drop into the narrow Batoka Gorge.

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My Year in Liliongwe

My Year in Lilongwe is the second book in the award-winning series about how average people live in extraordinary places. Abu Malik follows the soft drumbeat of the people who keep in rhythm with the warm heart of Africa. He is amazed to see how people interact with each other and strangers alike, earning their reputation for being the friendliest people on earth.

Without the great influx of tourists seen in neighbouring countries, Malawians are less affected by the outside world. While they would not turn down the chance to share a Coca-cola with a new acquaintance, Malawians are traditionalists through and through. From the colourful Dedza pottery to Blatyre's modern shops, Malawi is a place of dichotomies.

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My Year in Benghazi

Moving from South to Central, and then to North Africa, My Year in Benghazi is the third book in a series of autobiographical books about some of the most important cities of our time. Join Abu Malik as he walks the streets of Benghazi, the broken and embattled city that was the major battlefield in the last Libyan civil war.


While Libya has the largest oil reserves of any African country, its strong and determined people that are its most noteworthy treasure. Abu Malik lived for more than a year among the bedouin and Arab people who eke out their lives on the green strip of the green mountains and golden seaside, North of the Sahara Desert. Sit at the feet of Abu Malik as he describes the Libyan way of life that has yet to be appreciated and respected by people in the West.

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